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    Switch interfaces unknown


      Hey guys i'm monitoring a switch and in the network tab there's a chart that show what is connected on what ports. Most of my interfaces are unknown and i don't understand how to fix that

      But some of them are ok, so does anyone know why is it showing unknown for some of the interfaces ?

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          You could try this:




          NPM Network Topology displays interfaces as Unknown




          This article discusses how to address the issue where interfaces are displayed as Unknown in the Node Details page while accessing the NPM Network Topology resource.


          All NPM versions


          1. Open the Node Details page of the affected node.
          2. Click List Resources.
          3. Verify that the affected interfaces in NPM Network Topology resource are selected.


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              Thanks, but i already done that, and i tried unselecting them and reselecting them again and its still not working,

              And for exemple i can't see my interface G0/9 but i can see my G0/10 and they are both selected


              And in the "Current Percent Utilization of Each interface i can see all of them, i guess if they weren't selected i couldn't see them there either ?

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                  Do you monitor the switches using SNMP v3?  Lots of the requires OID's are not normally available in v3 by default.

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                      Also I see from your screenshot that these are layer 3 connections, the one that has full detail is a layer2.  Is this actually a direct link between xxxxSWCore and IR-xxxx or is it routed in some way?  Are you monitoring the interface on the other side of the link on IR-xxxxx?  Is there a VLAN or something that that we need to add to the list?

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                          I'm using SNMP v2 and the IR-xxxxx is a printer, i do have some vlan on that switch, but they are all added and visible in SolarWinds.

                          Yes i am monitoring the other side of the link, but its the case for all the interfaces.

                          Some of the interfaces are working in L3

                          This is the "Current Percent Utilization of Each interface" of some vlan-interfaces

                          This is the list-ressources

                          And this is my polling method

                          But the interface working in L3 is a vlan-interfaces and the other working interfaces are all L2, so it might be my problem

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                    Is topology available on the IR- side as well, usually printers won't support the necessary OID's to get that to display in Solarwinds and NPM doesn't like it if both sides of a connection don't match up in that way.  I've never seen an environment where NPM could 100% map out their topology unless the only devices they had were just Cisco switches with standard links between them.  Most other types of devices will be hit or miss for topo calculations.  There are hundreds of thwack posts about people trying to make it work, dozens of KB articles on which OID's you can walk on the devices to see what Solarwinds sees.  asically i'm suggesting you don't pull your hair out over it.  Topo mapping is nice when it works, and a major rabbit hole when it doesn't.

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                      Raul Gonzalez



                      the best way to troubleshoot this issue (I think) is by getting a snmpwalk of the device and check if the OIDs for status are polled properly (they exists with a correct value returned):


                      SNMP WALK:

                      SolarWinds SNMP Walk: A new tool for collecting SNMP MIB walks - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


                      OIDs of interface monitoring:

                      What object IDs (OIDs) does NPM poll for interface information - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

                      Mainly these ones:

                      Interface - GeneralifSpeed


                      Interface - GeneralifAdminStatus


                      Interface - GeneralifOperStatus



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                          The issue you are having is from the way that SolarWinds builds the topology map for layer 2 connections for Cisco devices - it uses CDP.  It can also use LLDP and cam table entries to build the topology.  The problem is when you are using a port-channel or a VLAN interface that information does not match with the layer 2 discovery protocol. To fix it, you need to manually connect the devices by editing the TopologyConnections table in the SolarWindsOrion database.


                        The LinkType column will have a value of either Layer3Subnet, Layer3NextHop, Layer3Subnet, Layer2CamBasedLinkTo, or IP to IP (cdp, lldp).


                        1. You do have to have both sides being monitored for this to work since it uses the SourceInterfaceID and MappedInterfaceID in that table. You are already doing this.
                        2. Get the Node ID and Interface ID for the two devices - you can go to the object's page and look in the URL to get the IDs.
                        3. Search for the lower Node ID in the database (mine was Node ID 50),
                        SELECT TOP (1000) [DiscoveryProfileID]
                          FROM [SolarWindsOrion].[dbo].[TopologyConnections]
                          where SourceNodeID = 50

                             4. Edit the entry that shows the connected node in the MappedNodeID column. You will see NULL as the SourceInterfaceID and MappedInterfaceID - replace them with the correct interface IDs.


                        The relationship is only shown once. You will not see another entry showing the MappedNodeID as the SourceNodeID.

                        Once updated and you refresh the SolarWinds page you will see the two devices connected and the proper bandwidth ....  for 5 minutes. It appears that SolarWinds is updating that table automatically during polling and/or rediscovery. This means this is not a fix using this method.


                        If you can figure out a way to make the manual fix stay, please let me know.


                        This is really an issue that SolaWinds needs to fix.  NPM is not able to figure out the physical port mapping when you are using LACP/PaGP link aggregation or SVIs. The only sure way to see the L2 connections is to monitor the interface that appears when you do show cdp neighbors or show lldp neighbors. And if you are doing HSRP or other gateway redundancy protocol (or any network protocol that uses a virtual MAC address) and SolarWinds is using the MAC Address table for topology mapping you are probably screwed there as well.  Maybe when SolarWinds finally adds the ability to show member interfaces in the Port-Channel this will be solved as well.

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