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    SNMPv3 issues - database not updating


      We started to change from SNMPv2 to SNMPv3 on our Cisco switches and routers. The first switches went as planned but then "test " from within Orion GUI started to fail (same config been used on all switches, same MD5 and AES256 passwords). Using the SNMP walk it errors out right away with "SNMPv3 - wrong digest. The authentication did not match....". The even more bizarre thing is that the successful test for a device in the ORION GUI fails using the walk as well.


      I had support take a look and looking at the database (node data) you can see that V2 is still referenced for the failed devices(community is visible), for the successful devices you see the version is V3 plus the community is no longer visible. Support cant figure why this is happening so they are asking that we manually change the database via query to update.


      Anybody else see anything like this?