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    Network Discovery "Discovers" Devices, But Does Not Import Multiple Devices At Once.


      Case # 76595 - Network Sonar Discovery will "discover" many devices, but will only import them 1 or 2 at a time.


      Seemingly simple issue I am encountering, where I can set a range of IPs to be discovered, the Network Sonar Discovery process sees the devices, but will only show 1 or 2 in the results. I can go back in, and edit the same profile, removing the previously added IP from the scope. When I run that same/updated profile, the discovery will show the remaining devices discovered, but will only display the next device on the list when I make it to the final few pages. Other than the initial scope, I am not changing any other settings. All of these devices are able to communicate with the SolarWinds server, and all of these devices are eventually added to the server, albeit one at a time.


      In the example below, I know there are 3 devices living in the range of (.7, .8, & .10). Each of the devices is configured the same way, with the same SNMP settings.


      The discovery process shows that it sees 3 devices while it is running.


      However, once passed the discovery phase, the import preview page only shows the first device.



      I can import that device, the same as if it were the only device I had expected to see/import. Then, I go and reduce the scope of the discovery, removing that specific IP.

      Now, instead of looking for .7-.10, the scope is now looking for .8-.10.


      Once again, the discovery phase appears to find everything it is looking for.




      Yet, once we get passed the discovery phase, the import process only shows the next/first device on the list, again.


      Again, since we were only able to import a single device, we need to adjust the profile, reducing the scope, and run it again.

      Having removed the first 2 IPs, we are now only looking through .9 & .10.



      Yet again, again, again, we all expected devices show up during the discovery process. (granted, we are down to only having 1 device, as the others have already been removed)


      The import process still shows only a single device. While this is technically expected for this example, as there were only 3 devices total, this same behavior occurs with any number of devices being discovered.



      I have tried this with IP ranges, as well as a list of IPs, each combination resulting in the same manner. The nodes are not using duplicate IPs, and they appear to import/monitor properly, just one at a time.


      What am I doing wrong here? Is this a "known bug", or just some setting I have overlooked?


      Perhaps serena or aLTeReGo could learn me something... Please?



      Thank you,