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    Question on License Limit


      I have a A300 SAM license. When I go to Orion Platform Details from settings, I see the following information under Network Elements


      Total Count : 383

      Nodes: 108

      Interfaces: 7

      Volumes: 268


      But when I navigate to License Details, under Orion, I see the following details.


      Nodes currently monitored: 108

      Total nodes in license:  300

      Volumes currently monitored: 268

      Total volumes in license:  300


      Under SAM, I see the following details.


      Allowed Number of Component Monitors 300

      Total Number of Component Monitors 249

      Licensed Component Monitors 249

      Unlicensed Component Monitors 0

      Available Component Monitors 51


      I am a little confused. So, does this mean I have exceeded the license limit and have run out of resources already or I can still add more nodes / volumes / components / interfaces for monitoring? Can any one please explain?


      Also, while adding some nodes I got a warning that "Node was imported successfully. Additional objects may not be monitored due to license limit.". I saw these for many nodes. Once I added these nodes, I also removed some other nodes. After that I got the above statistics. Now, will the additional objects be monitored for those nodes for which there were warnings before or I need to configure them explicitly again? Please help.

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          With an AL300 you can monitor 300 nodes, 300 volumes AND 300 Component Monitors but you cannot exceed the 300 count on any of these. In your case you would be able to add an extra 120 Nodes, 32 Volumes and 51 Component Monitors.


          Where you are getting the warning that additional objects could not be added, this is most likely due to AppInsight components exceeeding the Component Monitor count. The additional objects which were not added will need to be manually added subsequently.


          Hope this helps clarify things.

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