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    Can you please let convert SQL into SWQL


      I would like want from SQL to SWQL as mentioned below queries:


      it's talks about F5 Load balancing report data to list down application



      DISTINCT F5_LTM_VirtualServer.ShortName AS "Publication Name",

      F5_LTM_VirtualIPAddress.ShortName AS "Publication IP",

      F5_LTM_VirtualIPAddress.IPAddress AS "Virtual IP Address",

      F5_LTM_VirtualServer.Port AS "Virtual IP Port",

      F5_LTM_Server.ShortName AS "Nodes Associated",

      F5_LTM_PoolMember.Port AS "Node Port associated",

      F5_LTM_PoolMember.F5Status AS "Publication status",

      F5_LTM_PoolMember.F5StatusReason AS "Publication status Reason"

      From NodesData

      INNER JOIN F5_LTM_Pool

      ON NodesData.NodeID = F5_LTM_Pool.NodeID

      INNER JOIN F5_LTM_PoolMember

      ON NodesData.NodeID = F5_LTM_PoolMember.NodeID

          AND F5_LTM_PoolMember.PoolIndex = F5_LTM_Pool.PoolIndex

      INNER JOIN F5_LTM_Server

          ON F5_LTM_Server.NodeID = F5_LTM_PoolMember.NodeID

          AND F5_LTM_Server.ServerIndex = F5_LTM_PoolMember.ServerIndex

      INNER JOIN F5_LTM_VirtualIPAddress   

      ON NodesData.NodeID = F5_LTM_VirtualIPAddress.NodeID

      INNER JOIN F5_LTM_VirtualServer   

      ON NodesData.NodeID = F5_LTM_VirtualServer.NodeID

      AND F5_LTM_VirtualServer.IPAddressIndex = F5_LTM_VirtualIPAddress.IPAddressIndex

      AND F5_LTM_VirtualServer.ShortName = F5_LTM_Pool.ShortName


      NodesData.Vendor= 'F5 Networks, Inc.'



      Can you please let me help on this case.

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          I don't have F5 data handy to test with, but this should be close:



              N.F5Devices.VirtualServers.ShortName AS [Publication Name],

              N.F5Devices.VirtualIPAddresses.ShortName AS [Publication IP],

              N.F5Devices.VirtualIPAddresses.IPAddress AS [Virtual IP Address],

              N.F5Devices.VirtualServers.Port AS [Virtual IP Port],

              N.F5Devices.Pools.PoolMembers.F5Server.ShortName AS [Nodes Associated],

              N.F5Devices.Pools.PoolMembers.Port AS [Node Port associated],

              N.F5Devices.Pools.PoolMembers.F5Status AS [Publication status],

              N.F5Devices.Pools.PoolMembers.F5StatusReason AS [Publication status Reason]

          FROM Orion.Nodes N

          WHERE N.Vendor = 'F5 Networks, Inc.'

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            Have you installed SWQL studio in your environment yet?  If you intend to get anything done in SWQL you won't get far without it, its basically a prerequisite.  The tables in SQL have almost identical names and layouts to the ones in SWQL so it shouldn't take much work at all if you load Studio up and have a look.  


            Also worth pointing out that Solarwinds has recently posted a series of articles about using SWQL here:

            Product Blog


            Specifically these 3 may help

            Intro to API, SDK & SWQL

            Intro to SWQL Studio

            SWQL Walkthrough