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    Alerting on Cisco Chassis Modules and Cisco Stack Switch UP/DOWN


      Hey THWACK community,


      Our company has been having some struggles with alerting on individual modules/blades/stack_member UP/DOWNs. We also have been having issues with notifications on individual switch stack (i.e. Cisco 3650 stacks) and chassis blade/module (i.e. a blade in a Cisco 4500 and 6500 chassis) members not coming up with the main device after a power outage. To the NOC, the node will report back as up, but, a small part of the switch will still be degraded which can translate to a small business unit. Often, the NOC hears from the end-user that they are down which is not optimal for operations as well as leads to increased down-time for the business unit.


      We are interested in companies that have been using Orion for this alerting type who would be a good resource for us to chat with.


      Thanks for the help!