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    reports running under a different user


      I've created a seperate account with account limitations on specific devices to run a report.

      I created a report with this new account.

      When the report runs under a schedule the PDF shows a completely different user in the username field at the top right

      Anyone else seen this before?  Seems like a bug

      Running NPM 12.2

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          David Smith

          Hi Ryan,

          Not sure if I understand what you mean, would you mind sharing a screenshot?

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              Well we have 2 users.  Lets say user1 and user2.

              User2 has an account limitation defined so that they only see SQL servers in orion.

              user2 created a report under their orion account and created a schedule to send it in an email.

              when that schedule runs the pdf report that gets attached to the email shows the account of user1 actually in the PDF!  And of course the account limitation I have defined on user2 is not applying because it seems that user1 is actually the one running the report.


              The below screenshot just shows the PDF delivery.  And the user account listed inside the PDF is that of user1.

              Oddly enough however, the excel sheet appears to be have sent as User2 because it does appear to be respecting the account limitations I've set on user2

              Ignore the line above - this is not due to the account limitations, this is due to the data source thats in the chart resource of the report.

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                  David Smith

                  Hi ryan.davis26  So a few things:


                  1. Account Limitations are not applied to the report when you build it, but when you schedule it. On the Scheduler Properties tab, you will find an 'Advanced Settings' pop-down menu, which gives you the ability to select the User Account Limitations that should be applied to the report when it's run via the scheduler. This is where you would apply the account that has Account Limitations (In order to restrict the nodes displayed in the report).


                  2. On the Scheduler Actions tab, when you define the action to email the reports you should see a tick box labelled 'Retrieve Printable Version of Reports'. This will remove the Web Header & Footer and print the report correctly.


                  Hope this helps.

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                      Thanks dgsmith80 for your help.


                      So I've already done step 1.  In fact I've already tried creating 2 new users and I'm seeing the same result (both are Orion individual accounts - havent tried AD yet)

                      The users themselves created entirely new reports from scratch, set the report to run as themselves in the advanced dropped down, created the schedule from scratch and the email action.

                      yet the report still arrives as a different user - (which as coincidence would have it, is my personal solarwinds AD user account!)


                      I've tried step 2, but that only takes away the banner and makes the report look a little bit more refined.  This does not solve the issue of the report being sent as a different user.


                      When the 2 new users click the report in the reports menu to run it from the web it works and it respects the account limitations of whoever ran the report at that time in the web.  As soon as you run that report via the schedule it sends the darn report under my solarwinds AD user account. 


                      Hopefully I'm making sense, my frustration level is extremely high right now so please excuse any crudeness!

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                  Something is seriously not making any sense.

                  So I created a new AD account and ran through the motions, created a new report, new schedule new action, etc.

                  The report still was sent as MY personal solarwinds AD account.

                  It appears that no matter who creates a report it is getting sent as my personal AD account

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                    I've submitted a case to solarwinds and in their lab tests they are seeing the same result.  Not sure what the outcome of this will be.  I'll try and follow up here with the findings.