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    Node report


      I created a node report, mostly containing Cisco devices at one location. We assign a site number (custom field) so that is my selection criteria. The report shows SNMP location, IP address, node name, machine type, IOS image, IOS version, last boot and start datetime. The resulting report is odd.


      It lists every device four times. The only difference on each record is the 'START DATETIME'.


      What does 'START DATETIME' mean? How can one device have four times? I am looking for something like last boot or uptime.


      Neither 'LAST BOOT' or 'START DATETIME' appears to be accurate. e.g. I log onto a switch as see 'uptime is 3 years, 43 weeks, 23 hours, 22 minutes'. However, 'LAST BOOT' on the report is 2016-12-30...about 13 months ago.

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          Id have to see in the GUI where you selected this start datetime from, but it obviously isn't the start of what you are looking for so just remove it from the report and it will clear up the duplicates. 


          The likely cause of your discrepancy is that is that the SNMP counter for this stuff is a 32 bit value counting the number of hundredths of a second since the snmp service came up, so it maxes out at 497 days and then the counter drops back to zero, and it also resets if the snmp service were to be restarted for any reason.  Pretty uncommon for snmp to restart in Cisco gear but you see that a lot more in the Windows side of the world.


          Some quick napkin math tells me that your uptime counter seems "accurate", in that it has reset 2 times and the second time would have been about 13 months ago.



          Unfortunately those are just the kinds of limitations that people have to work around when using SNMP, which is a nearly 30 year old protocol.


          -Marc Netterfield

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            Thanks Marc. That makes sense!