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    SNMP Environment Monitor Recommendations



      The questions has come up here about monitoring the environment in our MDF rooms: Power, Temperature, Humidity, water (Leak)


      I don't want to use the monitors in our equipment because the thresholds are really high (e.g. on a EX-series switch they do not alarm until the internal temperature reached 80C / 176F)


      Ideally I would use something that NPM would already be able to monitor using its builtin Hardware Health Sensor support (i.e. no custom MIB polling) -- this is because NPM will automatically add those pollers for devices it discovers whereas custom poller require me to ensure the poller is added to the device.


      Anyone know of such a device I could buy off the shelf?


      Has anyone hacked up a Raspberry Pi to work with NPM and return hardware health (could make this a student project here if we have a starting point)