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    Lack of Meaningful WHD Enhancements is Disappointing


      First, it's great that WHD gets security updates. They are needed and important, however I wouldn't consider them to be meaningful enhancements.


      I chose WHD several years ago because I liked the customizations that were possible and I saw the application's potential.


      However, lately the product has just been a disappointment. FAQs and the dashboard have seen a backend and UI overhaul, but the rest has set dormant. We've been told the rest of the product is challenging and would be revamped "soon." But now years down the road, "soon" still hasn't arrived.


      I'm disappointed in the lack of a clear road map. Meanwhile other products have been moved fully to HTML5, chat features, support for multiple techs on one ticket, and heck...those products will even let you review two tickets in two different tabs.


      I need to see some real commitment to enhancements or unfortunately I'll have to switch to another product. At this point, the only thing keeping me from switching is the time I would have to dedicate to training end-users on another product.


      If reworking the current solution is this troublesome, I'd rather you all rebuild from scratch and let me import my legacy tickets.


      I'm curious if I'm the only one feeling these struggles.