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        Has anybody had any luck with Hotfix 2 yet? I'd like to install it, but I'm worried about more issues.

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          mark.healey  wrote:


          I used the instructions provided by yarl  to clear out by job queues, and then installed the latest HotFix.

          I have exactly the same symptoms as yourself, Last Discovery isn't updating, but the contents of the subnets is.

          I'm really annoyed as I was happy on 4.5, but installing a HotFix to try and solve an issue with the Network Insight for ASA automatically upgraded me to 4.6


          I now have over 300 scan jobs open that have been running over 30 minutes, and nothing has completed for 40 minutes. Joy.

          That is really annoying with the new install - in that it automatically upgrades everything to the latest version. I do like the new installer but I would still like to select which products to install.

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            I'm having issues with it running hundreds of scan jobs at the same time, which are now taking hours to complete.

            I would recommend not upgrading from 4.5 if possible, but if you've already gone to 4.6 and are having problems then it might be best to install the HotFix, as at least it will then be scanning rather than just stuck doing nothing.

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              Thanks for the info. We already installed 4.6, unfortunately.


              How are the server resources now that there are hundreds of scan jobs running at the same time? We've already seen an increase in utilization since upgrading to 4.6, and it wouldn't be good if those scan jobs increase that utilization even higher.

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                In my experience, the initial scans were pretty intense on system resources. After a few hours, it calmed down to "normal" rates.

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                  I may have spoke too soon.


                  I was out of the country all last week for work.


                  I got back today and noticed that I only have 1 subnet scan running in IPAM on my primary polling engine (PPE) and it has been running for 2800+ minutes. Jobs on my additional polling engine (APE) seem to be running and completing without issue.


                  In the IPAM event log, every subnet scan on the primary polling engine is failing.



                  I reopened Case #1361094 and will report back with what I hear.

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                    Most of my scans are still taking much longer than they used to, and neighbour scanning is also hit and miss.


                    For example:

                    The scanning of ' / 26' started at 18/01/2018 14:44:13 has finished successfully. 34 IP(s) were found. The scan duration was '13.4' minutes.

                    Neighbor scanning for subnet ' / 26' failed with error: Cannot get SNMP data from device


                    Nearly quarter of an hour to find 34 IP addresses by ping, and then failing to get SNMP data from the router?

                    I've tested in neighbour scanning settings for that device, and they are definitely correct.


                    I've also now turned off SNMP scanning to see if there's a timeout issue that's been introduced that's now causing the problem.


                    Also all Zone Transfer are failing with the error 'Value cannot be null. Parameter name: credentials'.

                    Testing on the DNS Servers tab works fine.


                    I'd love to be able to set a maximum number of concurrent scans to at least give it chance to try and complete some, before piling in all the rest that are queued.


                    It's getting to the point where I'm considering dropping renewal of IPAM and getting something else.

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                      I have a support call today at 2pm for the same issues discussed in this thread. My case has been open since early December.  I'm currently on IPAM 4.6 HF2.  It appears that the polling is working from the IPAM event log, But there are still complications. I believe the scan the confusion is exacerbated by the Last Discovery "feature"  mentioned above by josh.haberman


                      "Something the IPAM dev team told me that I wasn't aware of. "Last

                      discovery" refers to when the subnet was last discovered via a scan through

                      the network discovery wizard or DHCP server discovery scan. It does not

                      mean when the subnet was last scanned via IPAM for a "normal" subnet scan.


                      On Tue, Jan 16, 2018, 08:51 mark.healey"

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                        I'm now also getting "An unexpected error occurred while processing scan results for subnet ' / 24'. The scan will be retried according to the subnet's scanning schedule."

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                          I have a call with support at 2:30PM CST.


                          cpayne@netsyncnetwork.com LoL @ last discovery "feature".


                          Let me know how yours goes and I'll do the same.

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                            I have a call with support today at 2:30 PM CST to investigate this further.


                            They had me reboot my main polling engine after doing a memory dump of the "SolarWinds.Collector.Service" Windows service and dumping diagnostics.


                            The reboot cleared the "stuck" subnet scan however, there's still "weird" things going on.


                            IPAM is scanning between 5 and up to 32 subnets at one time on my MPE. I don't know if in 4.6 this is normal as in 4.5 there was the default scan limit of 5 subnets with the option to manually adjust this. This option is no longer present in 4.6.


                            I observed a couple times where queued scans were in the "Started" status for 10+ minutes and then randomly all the started ones switched to 1 minute but, the subnets were the same ones that had been already running for 10+ minutes.


                            I will follow up with what happens with support.

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                              Just got off the line with support  - apart from the non useful "Last discovery" field, it appears that IPAM 4.6 HF2 has fixed the IPAM (non discovery) scans from being stuck.  We actually looked in the DB table to see that scans were updating.   My case has been resolved.

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                                I haven't had any issues with IPAM subnet scans on 4.6 yet....however I do have the assigned poller for these jobs showing up as opaque/unknown in Scan Job Status, given the problems many of you have had I'll consider myself fortunate, the scans themselves are completing as expected.


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                                  HF2 working for me also. Last Discovery Date not updating either but at least IPAM is stable now.

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                                    Yes, in the installer we need to be able to deselect hotfix upgrades as we already can for the main Orion modules.

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