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    PowerOrion - Connect-Swis


      I have used PowerOrion in the past, I have created a GUI to add a node to SolarWinds and add Custom Properties and it runs great.


      I am adding the PowerShell GUI to a shared server for others on my team to use.

      I have downloaded PowerOrion from PowerOrion A Module for PowerShell · solarwinds/OrionSDK Wiki · GitHub

      and have added to my PS Module Path and ran Import-Module PowerOrion.


      But, when I run Get-Command -Module PowerOrion, I do not see the Connect-Swis command, and when I run Connect-Swis I get this message below.

      On my Admin server where I am able to successfully run the GUI, running the Get-Command, I do see the Connect-SWIS command.


      Am I missing something?