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    How to configure SFTP if Solarwinds is on HA | Files no longer available after failover


      Hi There,


      I was wondering if I could find a solution to redirect SFTP folder location after failover.

      I have Solarwinds configured in High Availability. So, configured SFTP on 1st server redirecting a Folder in a location on Server A.

      Now, if failover happends, Server B becomes Primary so I have confgured the same SFTP configuration on Server B.


      In both the cases, IP configured is VIP through which HA is working.


      Now the issue comes, users are not aware of Real IP of both the servers and accessing & keeping files on SFTP running on A. But what happens, if it failovers, the condary will be active but what about the Availability/Sync of files as Folder on Server B contains nothing.


      Please suggest.


      .SFTP/SCP Server

      SolarWinds Lab



      Thank you