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    Mislabeled Offline hotfix installation


      Dear Solarwinds,


      I recently downloaded the "Hotfix Bundle for Products with Orion 2017.3 - includes NPM 12.2 Hotfix 3" - released December 22nd 2017 from your site. This filename is the following "Solarwinds-Orion-HotFix-2017.3-OfflineInstaller.exe".


      When I go to run it on my "Offline Server", what is the first thing it does when it goes to install ? It tries to go out to the internet to DOWNLOAD a file. Perhaps I am just ignorant and don't know what the word offline means, but this is starting to get frustrating with the downloading of these huge all in one files. I missed the old way of just installing each product separably without the constant downloading from the solarwinds server. All of my servers are offline and have no access to the internet. I would really like to download the correct file I need the first time.


      I am sure this is true of others in the Public Sector that have a requirement for servers to never be able to access the internet. I just hope Solarwinds keeps this in mind for future hotfixs/updates of their products.


      So now I am downloading another large file that the installer told me to download: Customer Portal Login | SolarWinds. Maybe this will work, maybe not.

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          Researching.....   Could not reproduce in the lab.

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            Mr. Belanger,


            Hello, and Happy New Year. If you haven't had an opportunity to do so, I would request that you open up a support case so that we can better assist you. There was a previous issue with a mislabeled offline installer package, and that situation was resolved. It is possible that you may be using an affected copy; but our support personnel will be able to identify and resolve this based on the installer version number and/or some diagnostics.


            I did check with support and the good news/bad news is that this seems to only be affecting you at this time (I apologize), there has not been an influx of customer cases which would indicate a larger issue. If you'd like to contact our Federal Team Directly, you can email FederalSales@SolarWinds.com which is monitored and a member of our Sales or Sales Engineering team will be able to respond. Otherwise, I'm confident in the ability of our Support Team to get this resolved for you.





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              Hi Terry,

              We have identified the issue ( your report helped! ) and we should be repacking a new version of the installers with a fix soon. If you run into this again, try to download the latest fresh copy from customer portal in the next week and it should contain the fix. You should be able to see that you have the latest version in 2 places. Customer portal will show a new version uploaded in the release date, and the installer itself will have an updated number in the details.


              Thanks for letting know about your issue.