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    Orion server Fresh lab install with HA: 2 issues


      Hello Everyone,


      I am having 2 issues:


      Here is what I have Installed in my Lab:


      Orion server ; SAM, NCM, NCM, SRM, DPA installed.  Just finshed setting up its HA.


      So,  server SW04 ( backup)  and  SW05 ( main)   ( using virtual hostnames)


      Issue #1:

      When I go to Setting/All Settings/ High Availability Deployment Summary

      Here is what I see:

      I click on Set Up HA Pool

      and get the following error

      Not sure what I am doing wrong......

      Using virtual hostname cause of multiple subnets install.


      Anything Ideas on this one??????



      Issue #2


      I cannot clink on anything on the web console....it like I have view only mode. However, I am the admin.  I tried with Local Admin and I logged on using LDAP admin.....ith both...i cannot click on anything except the top menus....

      Here is an example of SAM summary...

      If I hover my mouse on any bleue hyperlinks..do drill down....I click but nothing happens...


      Any idea why????



      Thank you guys :-)