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    Link to a View Instead of a Node


      Hi Everybody,


      This is a long shot I know but I've been surprised many times on Thwack by the erudite people here (shameless flattery) I though I'd give it a shot.


      Hovering over the custom poller below you see the underlying node and of course if you click on it the underlying node will come up. Instead, I'd like to link to a view containing gauges and charts for the poller. I don't think it can be done. Am I wrong?

      Many thanks in advance! -- Brent

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          Could be done with custom swql, would need case logic where if the object type is a undp monitor then the link would point to your summary page.   I haven't had a need to make a query for what you are asking but it wouldn't be terribly difficult if you load up swql studio and look around to see what you need to do to make it work


          SELECT c.Name, si.ShortDescription, c.EntityDisplayName as [Object], c.DetailsUrl as [_linkfor_Name]

          FROM Orion.ContainerMembers c

          join Orion.StatusInfo si on si.statusid=c.status

          WHERE c.containerid like '${id}'

          order by name


          It'll need something like

          case when c.EntityDisplayName = 'undp' then '/orion/...whatever the url you need is' end as [_linkfor_Object]

          But I don't know what name UNDP pollers have inside a group and don't have convenient access to a lab to test it right now.

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