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    Three questions about UDT polling intervals and pollers


      For those of you who use UDT:



      I just added UDT to my environment, and I like some of the new things we're learning through it.  But I regularly get two errors from it:


      I've looked up the errors and it appears UDT needs either more resources, more pollers, or more time to complete its polling.


      I've doubled the polling interval allowed, and still the error appears.


      Question 1:  What polling intervals do you use to successfully complete polling?


      Question 2:  How many nodes do your individual UDT pollers handle?


      Question 3:  What physical resources / components (I'm assuming the manual is referencing memory and CPU, perhaps from a VM point of view) do your UDT pollers have installed?


      It's OK if you only answer one or two of these questions.  Please guide me with your UDT experience!