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    How to report on Assets and Counts for application licensing planning


      We currently use Virtualization Manager


      What I am trying to understand is how I can create a "live" report that is focused on various information out of VMAN to aid in planning for other application product licensing such as Windows Server, MS SQL Server, Oracle to name a few.  The concept is that there are many factors across our environment that take time to extract the details to then make any decisions on licensing.  If these various pieces of information could be collected onto a single page or multiple widgets in a Dashboard that would be great.


      For example, we need to know core count on selected clusters, # of VMs per cluster, # of VMs per host, # vCPUs by VM, SQL or Oracle instances.  The primary purpose is to have this as a collection of the numbers where you could know the exact current state when making the decisions on licensing.  Constant vendors want to run tools to analyze the environment where it would be more useful to have this information already available and at hand.

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          There are several reports that you can pull from VMan that will do this...just based on your requested info I found the following at a quick glance...


          VM's by cluster

          VM's configured for Windows

          vCPU to Host cores ratio  - I think this might give you the vCPU info you need.


          As for SQL / Oracle...I would use SAM for that as I don't believe Vman can provide this kind of info, but I could be wrong...I just never looked at Vman for it.