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    AI, Bots, and Machine Learning Monitoring


      If I had a crystal ball to view, I would say that 5 years from now, bots, AI, and machine learning will have not only formed into a central core of many companies IT framework, but have impacted jobs and careers severely. Greatly impacted data centers and the cloud - who is really in control?. The product life cycle is rapidly increasing in life-speed (time to real world implementation) and the learning curve for IT professionals will have to become much more brisk at minimum.


      My concerns in the near term: What (or who?) is solarwinds planning to monitor? What tools are being planned to be put in place to monitor all this new intelligence?



      Artificial Intelligence

      We are going to see flexible "rational" agents in our data centers. On our switches, f5s, servers,  etc.. How are we going to make sure they stay "rational"? Already, in at least one case, agents developed their own communication method - a new language and they had to be dispatched. What if they loose their "sanity" and start making changes to a VM based on a new paradigm they dreamed up in a psychotic state?




      Robotic Process Automation is here, now. These saviors of technology are going to save us from the drudgery of every day IT work. Free us up to do "higher value work". Amen. But as these bots slave away for us, and function as admins, what is watching them hourly or even every minute to ensure they do not start to performing the wrong task, or someone, just before quitting the company, programs bots to start deleting data in the cloud SQL servers you purchased and aligned last month?



      Machine Learning

      In a recent ZDNet article, it was suggested that machine learning can and will be used to cleanse your data for you. Wow, but how are these analytic angels and business value archangels going to be watched? Management loves reports. They can show value to themselves and others. But how is the magic box going to be monitored? How do we know the learning is not really flawed and just past along up the chain of management and poor decisions are made that may cost millions?






      These are not easy questions to answer, but I would like to know as I chart my 5 year plan what solarwinds as a company is looking to do for this technology reality in the coming years? This can and will take monitoring to a much higher level where logic and AI is going to be used to monitor AI? Bots?