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    Daylight Savings Reporting issue




      I wonder if anyone has encountered an issue that appears to affect reports that include data prior to or straddle the change to\from daylight saving time?



      In the UK, local time changed to GMT from BST at 02:00 29 October. 



      Using the built in web report writer, we found that any report that would report stats that includes data before or either side of the clock change would miss an hours worth of data.



      For example


      A report is created that displays hourly availability of services with a custom time period of 00:00 28th Oct till 00:00 30th Oct.


      The report that is produced only displays data from 01:00 28th Oct rather than the expected midnight.


      This missing data also applies to the predefined time periods available in reports e.g. last day, last 7 days, last month etc.


      Has anyone found a workaround to avoid this issue?