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    UnDP Transform Results Display on a Map


      Hi Folks


      Is it possible to display the result of a Transform on a map?


      I have created a graphic which represents the layout of our DC and am trying to add the current power readings from APC rPDU's. I currently display this information in a table on a NOC screen but thought a graphic would look good and possibly easier to identify current status of a rack as the table displays a large list which is growing as we upgrade devices.


      The table looks like this:

      The transform is a basic % calculation which calculates kW from 10ths of Amps.


      However when I place the transform onto a map I only get the status of the transform - i.e. Up / Down -

      If I hover of the icon I get more details.... and it's the Current Value details that I'd like displayed on the map.


      Any thoughts?