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    Alert on a Port's Error Rate as a Percentage



      I'm not terribly good with NPM/SAM, so hopefully this makes sense and isn't stupid.

      I'd like, if possible, to create an alert based on a port's error rate that doesn't use a 'certain statically-assigned number reached' threshold, but rather a 'certain percentage of overall traffic reached' one.

      In other words, I know I could create an alert that said "After [n] errors on TE0/1, trigger alert", but that isn't particularly helpful, as this arbitrary static number could be reached by a port with a few errors a week over a long period of time, and it's not critical I know about something like that. However, if I could instead say "If [n]% of the overall traffic on TE0/1 over the past [n] hours is greater than 3%, then trigger alert". Is this possible? I don't suspect so, but I've seen a lot of clever ideas posted on these forums, so thought I'd check.

      Thank you.