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    Manage Nodes


      Manage Nodes is one of those pieces of functionality in the Orion platform that is used often, but hasn't been given an update in a very long time. This is clearly evident by some of the feature requests that are related to this page that have been around for ages!



      Here's a screenshot to remind you of what one of our most frequently used pages in the product looks like.


      Manage Nodes in all of its glory


      Here's a fun surprise for you in this release. Change your url in your browser to the new Manage Nodes URL and see what we've got in store for you.


      Manage Nodes URL
      New Manage Nodes URL



      Welcome to the new Manage Nodes page!


      One big difference you're going to notice is that we've done away with the Group By filter, entirely, in favor of a much more flexible filter system. This allows you narrow down the result set in a much more intuitive, user friendly way. Please note that in this build we aren't supporting filtering by custom properties, but I promise you we're not ignoring this need. To keep things simple, you have an an out of the box set to play with which includes the following


      Collapsed View of FiltersWith a few clicks, you can filter down the set of results to all IBM nodes that are Up


      This is a terrific example of where the filters are a superior solution to the Group By control. You can select multiple filters to get the precise set of what you're looking for, rather than being constrained to one grouping.


      Filter All the Things!

      Concerned that you can't see all the nodes you want? Click on the pager control to increase the number that's view-able on the page.


      Show me the Nodes!


      We know you love searching for what you need, so we of course have provided a comparable search in our update of this page. In this build, you are limited to searching by display name and IP address.


      Search by Display NameSearch by IP address


      Sort by Display Name to Your Heart's Desire


      As you select items, you'll notice that your command options change. This is to provide you with the best set of actions that is available for you. No longer will you have to puzzle out, why is this action disabled? Instead, at all times, you are presented only with the options that are valid for your selection set.

      Nothing Selected


      1 or More Nodes Selected


      You might be wondering, "Where are my interfaces and volumes?"


      Not implemented in this build, but you can see where we're going with this
      child entities.gif


      One last thing to leave you with, check out this edit row template option!


      Only available when nothing is selected - a new mysterious option appears
      edit row template.gif
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          YES! Give me more! I love this! I can cancel the API driven external web console now! The abilty to filter and that edit row option are two things that we have been looking for! We use a ton of custom properties, so adding those to the filtering will be the icing on the cake. THe one question is... Will this new Manage Nodes UI allow users with just Node UnManagment permissions to access it and perform filtering when they want to unmanage/mute nodes without using node details pages?

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              Yes  actually, your use case with the manage nodes UI is covered. We haven't changed the link in the menu navigation to allow users with node unmanagement permissions to have a direct link to it, because I wanted to see how many folks are utilizing it vs the legacy page. However, your users can navigate to the direct url /ui/manage/nodes and they would be able to filter & unmanage/mute nodes without using the node details page. They will see button options to edit properties, etc, but if they were to click on something that they don't have permissions to access, they will see a notification that, that is a restricted page.

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                  The experience on the 12.2. new ui has been great. It does take a minute to get used to it. But the way permissions updates have made some people very very happy.

                  Thanks for information.


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                      To be more specific, this allows users back into the node management screen, where they can multiselect/group devices for unmanagement. This works great. I am still getting used to looking for volumes/interfaces/resources - I think that is getting updated in the next version if I read the original post correctly. 

                      If only you can keep the column headers lined up with the properties (there are a couple of us that like to use ten or more row headers) and permit NCM users to modify NCM Node Properties. Now that would be just about perfect.


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                  The new UI looks great, but we are extremely dependent on custom properties in our environment. When will the filtering / searching support custom properties?

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                    One big thing I've found missing in the new Manage Nodes page is the ability to export Custom Properties based on the Nodes selected.  I know I can still go into Manage Custom Properties and export stuff there, but it was so very  nice to be able to just select all or a certain subset of Nodes in the old Manage Nodes, choose Export Custom Property Values, choose the system and custom properties I wanted to see, and bam!  There's a nice little ad hoc inventory report on the specific sets of nodes I wanted.  Super handy and super quick when somebody wants to see all of their nodes being monitored in Orion.


                    I just did one earlier as a matter of fact, where a network guy wanted to see all of the Cisco 5K's at a specific location.  If this feature existed in the new UI I could just filter by those two properties (Machine Type = Cisco Nexus 5K and Location equals East Data Center), select all of the results, choose Export Custom Properties and save the file.  But since that feature doesn't exist in the new UI I had to add in the location custom property as a column in the old Manage Nodes page, group by Machine Type = Nexus 5K, sort by the location custom property column I added, painstakingly hand select each 5K just in the location I wanted (or I could have just exported them all and then filtered them in Excel, which is still a bit of a pain), then export it and save.  But even doing it that way in the old Manage Nodes page is still much faster than building a custom report or going through Manage Custom Properties to create the ad hoc report.


                    Please please please add this feature into the new Manage Nodes UI.  Manually creating a custom Inventory Report each and every time somebody wants to see a subset of Nodes is a real pain as is going through the Export Custom Property values in Manage Custom Properties.  Both of those methods seriously take between 2 to 10 times as long as just filtering them down in Manage Nodes and exporting them.  If it does already exist in the new UI, please let me know how to do it because I looked all over and couldn't find a way to make it happen...

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