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    Recommendations on Training Videos for New SolarWinds tech

    martian monster

      I am looking for input on training videos for one of the other members of my team that is going to be working with me in SolarWinds. I have been going over the SolarWinds site and Thwack and have a bunch of videos and links but just looking for input to see what others have done if anything.  This is what I was thinking about for training materials.


      1. Start with Orion that way they can understand the foundation that SW is built on.

      2. Nodes - go over what a node is and how to add a node.

      3. Alerting - what is alerting and how to configure a basic alert

      4. SAM - go over the what SAM is and how it works.


      At this point I am just working on this - we have DPA, VIM, NCM, VNQM, etc... but want to focus on Orion and alerting basics.  Thanks!