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    Load balancing Additional Web Servers, F5 & AWS


      I’ve got a few on-premise Additional Web Servers running on port 80 and have got our F5 chaps to establish a VIP for them. I have no access to the F5; I’m just a user of its service. I understand that there are two ways that the F5 can automatically take a server out of the pool (for maintenance or because I feel like it)

      1. if it does not respond to port 80 and
      2. that there is an option to include a text file in the root of IIS for the F5 to inspect


      Logging in as either a local Orion user or an AD authenticated security group account I can directly browse to each of the websites without issue, but when using the new VIP I get various error types. Sometimes the home screen is painted up and almost immediately it is overlaid with a popup saying that my session expired. I can see that some of the home screen’s resources are populated underneath the popup, but not all. I can see that All Nodes & All Active Alerts (Server error: The server method ‘GetTreeSection’, failed), Map (There was an error), Hardware Health Overview (Loading), but All Transactions and End of Support Devices are correctly populated. Sometimes I do get logged in and can move from screen to screen, but after a few screens I’ll get “The session timed out” error.


      It smells to me that our F5 is not configured properly for Orion.


      Does anyone know if all of a view's widgets are populated from one web server or does each widget make a discrete call – and therefore potentially a different web server?

      Are there any guidelines on configuring an F5 for Orion?

      Do I have to make any changes to Orion to support an F5?

      Is an F5 the best option or is there another recommended solution?

      Any other comments? Please let me know