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    automated windows agent install


      Hi all,


           Just got solarwinds into my company and we currently use chef to do config management. I got the script for unix install of the agent, and the install of the agent on windows. My issue comes when trying to input the variables into the agent setup. So far I havn't found a way to automate the entry of these values, anyone have a method?


      Entry Fields



      1. Cancel and Exit without Saving
      2. Agent Mode (1 - Agent Initiated, 0 - Server Initiated)  [1]
      3. Orion Poller Hostname/IP  []
      4. Orion Poller Port        [17778]
      5. Orion Username            [admin]
      6. Orion Password            []
      7. Proxy Settings...        [mode=disabled]
      8. Save Changes and Exit