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    Assets duplicating in WHD.... this is not good


      I am seeing assets duplicating, and attributes being mixed among the duplicates, making it really hard to identify what is what.  I've been trying to work with tech support on determining what is happening, and it sounds like the program uses a device's IP address as a unique identifier.  They want me to set my DHCP lease time longer.  Not really a good option for me, and they are dodging the question of how to fix the duplicate/mixed assets I now have.  I'm getting pretty bummed about this very rapidly.


      Anyone else run into this?  And why on earth would they use the IP ADDRESS to uniquely identify a network asset in a DHCP environment???

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          After working with SW tech support for a bit, I have arrived at the conclusion that there is a major bug in this software.  I have many assets in my database with duplicate entries, I have assets with attributes that are no longer correct and/or crossed up with other assets, and I have assets that are missing entirely.  Serial numbers are now listed as the wrong make/model, associated with the wrong user, etc.  My asset database, and presumably any ticket history per asset that I now have, are compromised.  I have to physically verify my inventory again and reassociate machines with users as necessary.


          The problem seems to stem from a flaw in the manner in which the IP address is used in conjunction with other data to determine the ID of the machine.  If a device's IP address happens to change, as will be the case in a DHCP environment, some asset attributes appear to follow the IP address, while other attributes appear to follow either the asset ID number assigned by WHD or possibly the MAC address.  Whatever is happening, it definitely is not right and my asset database is trashed.


          I have asked that the case be escalated and will update here when I learn more.


          Is anyone else having such issues?

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            Does this only affect assets that get updated via WMI?   I have 22 locations, 2000 devices.  I've noticed the duplication in devices where the site is updated via WMI.  Will my inventory be intact for those sites not updated with WMI?