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        "......would you be interested in participating in a dev assisted upgrade?"


        Hello Serena,

        Is this offer open to anyone? We are running 12.0.1 on 2008 and plan on installing a fresh copy of NPM 12.2 on a new VM 2016. The support I was offered was in the form of links to guides and helpful tips, I had already reviewed. I haven't worked in SolarWinds much or enough to feel comfortable and I am new to networking covering for people who decided to leave our company. I received awesome assistance the first time I submitted a call ticket for another issue, this time is definitely different. We have a big organization and I don't feel comfortable doing to this major task without professional support and guidance. Our most important concern is backing up and restoring the old data so we don't have to start from scratch.

        Thank you for being so helpful,


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          Serena watched "over my shoulder" as I upgraded from 12.0.1 to 12.2, and she and her team were there to answer my questions and keep me from wasting time or becoming stuck or heading down a dark path.


          In retrospect, I'd have been able to make it on my own--in at least two days instead of the couple of hours it took with their assistance.


          Certainly, the new upgrade advisor and path are a LOT better than previous versions, and if you've got the 2012 servers ready to load with the new versions of SW products, you'll have success.  But having Serena at your elbow to watch what you're doing, so she and her team can learn from your thoughts and actions, will be a very positive experience.  She kept me moving forward when I had questions that would have taken a lot of time to research, and her folks were extremely helpful in letting me provide my own actions, and then helping me improve on them.

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            Thank you for the information it is greatly appreciated.

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              Yay this post make smile

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                This offer is currently open to customers with active maintenance who are willing to upgrade in the next couple of weeks. If you're interested and can upgrade soon, I can send you the interest form to fill out You sound like a perfect candidate for the feedback I'm looking for.

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                  That sounds wonderful! We are currently working on the server and trying to figure out how many we need. Please send the form and I will do my best to get this started in the next couple of weeks.

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                    Yes i have an active support case for this. We are currently working through it, we've discovered that when NPM polls the devices it is returning a temp of 0 degrees celsius which is inaccurate. I believe my ticket is being escalated to dev for support.

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                      Environment before upgrade.

                      NPM 12.1, NTA 4.2.2, VMAN 7.1, IPAM 4.5.0, NCM 7.6, SAM 6.4, SRM 6.4


                      First about a month ago I started preparing and moved our main NPM/Orion from 2008 server to 2016.  Then a few weeks ago moved NTA from 2008 to 2016.  Our SQL was/is already on a new platform being supported.  We used to have STM or the old profiler running on a 2008 server too, but no longer use it so just disabled that integration to be left with just SRM.


                      Ran the new install file.  I didn't note all the warnings, but nothing was a red flag not allowing me to continue.  Even though we have more RAM and CPU cores than required, it complained because our VM environment has 2.2GHz and not the required 3.0 I think it said.  Another warning was on our VMAN 7.1 saying we would either need to migrate after the upgrade, or moved to VMAN 8 appliance.


                      This was probably the smoothest large update I have done as we had 5 product updates.  I was nervous and worried.  Once finished, I ran NTA 4.3.2 on our separate DB server.  I then ran the VMAN wizard to change from 7.1 appliance to the new VMAN Orion poller.


                      Total outage was around 35 mins for us.


                      I have noticed some bugs/issues, but as for the upgrade process I'm relieved and hope they continue to build on this and become more comfortable for all.

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                        Can I get some assistance on getting this ticket routed to the correct people? I am currently dealing with a technician that is terrible at communication and have no idea what's going on with my ticket even after numerous attempts over several days requesting an update. My ticket number is 1253744. Below is a screenshot of his latest reply lol


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                          Hi Christopher! I'm happy to look at your support ticket and see if we can reroute it. Thanks for sending me your support ticket #.

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                            Upgrade 12.2 RC1 - RC3 to 12.2 official. Seems kind of weird, but RC3 became the defacto official.


                            Anyway, I have noticed some interesting anomalies that have been a bear to troubleshoot.


                            First: One of my ASA devices would not show serial number and site to site VPN. In fact I have to make sure that only the Node Details my SolarWinds is selected to provide the SNMP data for the details. Anything other poller the device will become an unknown.

                            Second: I just went and looked at the reports to find the report that provides the inventory which would let me mitigate the fact that one of three ASA devices doesn't show the serial number and behold, there are 0, ZERO reports listed.

                            Third: One of the best outputs of in these recent versions is being able to monitor site to site VPNs, stopped working. While working with tech support I found out that there is going to be a HOT FIX to repair something.

                            I am working to get a separate SQL server stood up which will help I think and eventually a physical server to remove it from the sometime sketchy virtual environment.

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                              SolarWinds Orion Platform 2017.3 Hotfix 1 includes the following security updates:



                              Password fields allowed auto-complete.

                              The Manage Alerts page displays $ signs instead of variables.

                              Node limitations are applied incorrectly on tertiary-level hosted entities, such as application components, in container members.

                              Account limitations to display no objects are not correctly applied when viewing hosted entities in container members.

                              Borders around popups in bar graphs are bigger than the popup in Chrome.

                              Cannot add more than one variable in the mail recipients section in the Send an Email/Page alert action.

                              The bundled SNMP Walk tool is an earlier version.

                              Installations behind proxy servers may not be able to connect to Leapfile to upload diagnostic files.

                              Ok, got it dialog does not dismiss correctly.

                              NOC mode for ASA Node Details page does not load in a timely fashion.

                              ASA-related charts do not load in the Node Details’ subviews.

                              Orion Platform does not support later versions of DPAIM.

                              Toolset menus do not display in the correct area.

                              The Orion Web Console is unresponsive when hovering over Toolset buttons in the management resource.

                              The Orion Web Console does not display the top menu and shows errors on other pages when client certificate authentication is enabled in IIS.

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                                so i went with the upgrade just now   i have npm, ncm, ipan and udt



                                and this is the error i got, and now i have a complete  unusable system



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                                  Can you check in add/remove programs if you have two IPAM's installed.

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