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    Serv-U MFT - Events



      I am testing many MFT solutions.

      I find serv-u so far very very limited and not very easy to use.


      We have many complex file flows scenarios.

      If at least I could make the Events, Execute Command to work maybe I could customize and make it work.

      So far I tried to make a very simple script run.sh in bash like this :



      date >> $L

      echo "OK" >> $L



      When I upload a file the server CRASHS! I am running it on Centos 7 x64


      Is there any documentation on the topic? I could not find much...

      Many documentations links are broken! just search on google serv-u administration guide.. it takes you to a 404 https://www.serv-u.com/serv-u-administrator-guide.pdf


      thank you