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    Asset creation


      Hi Guys, I am new in Web Help Desk and I need to know how to add, a model number as it is needed when you create a new asset.

      Also can someone give me a brief breakdown of the relationship between clients, tickets and assets.





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          Dear Peter,


          To add a new model in assets we do the following:


          • Go into setup
          • Assets
          • Manufacturers & Models
          • If there is no manufacturer for this model we add the name
          • Click on manufacturer name
          • Click on tap Model Editor
          • Add new model


          If this is done you can use the new model under Assets (new)


          The way I understood the relationship between "Clients", "Assets" and "Tickets" is:


          Clients (users) can have assets assigned to them (the Pc they use). If a client opens a ticket, the asset that caused the incident (or for the request it was raised for) will be assigned to the ticket. This makes sense, because a client could have various assets assigned to them (PCs, laptops, tablets, printers, software packages...).


          Doing this, it is easy to see in WHD who is the user, what asset he/she is referring to in this case and what is the problem.