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    How to restart polling on node


      I've seen the polling in the past posts, but I'm wondering if my situation is a bit different. We only have nodes added by our custom software by API not polling. I have our developer looking into that since I think it might be something with the code.


      Currently I can fix it by deleting the node and manually adding it. Starts up right away, does not matter which polling engine I use, primary or secondary.


      In reading the other posts about polling in the past and have determined the following

      • Interface is still polling and updating correctly even though the node is not
      • Like said above, any manually added node is working just fine
      • I've tried switching the polling engine to see if it will start up, but it is a no go
      • Date/time for last poll/db update is when the software added the node.


      If possible I'd rather not have to delete and readd the nodes. Any other suggestions to give the node a bump and cause it to start polling again?