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    How can we monitor SSL Certs in an AWS Classic Load Balancer?


      How can we monitor SSL Certs in an AWS Classic Load Balancer?

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          Use Server and Application Monitor module.  Specifically the component monitor 'SSL Certificate Expiration Date monitor':






          Also, AppInsight for IIS:





          SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) features several powerful new enhancements and expanded application support, allowing IT pros to better maintain business-critical application performance. IT pros with heterogeneous IT environments can now monitor apps and servers on premises or in the cloud and can assess application performance as it relates to other IT infrastructure components within the new AppStack dashboard.

          • SolarWinds SAM’s new cloud agent allows IT pros to extend monitoring to Windows servers hosted by cloud-based services such as Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, or virtually any other Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
            • The new agent technology gives IT pros the ability to monitor any application hosted in the public cloud and provides visibility to cloud server compute resource usage and performance. It can also be used to monitor servers and applications where agentless technologies are not optimal, such as servers in DMZs, or where network bandwidth is constrained.
            • SolarWinds SAM monitors these assets just as if they were hosted on premises, featuring Orion functionality and including the data within the AppStack dashboard.
            • The agent utilizes encrypted communication and is simple to maintain with automatic agent upgrades.
          • In addition to existing out-of-the-box support for over 200 applications, SolarWinds SAM features new AppInsight for IIS to ensure optimal website performance with critical Microsoft IIS Web server monitoring. It automatically collects performance metrics and displays real-time and historical data in a single dashboard so IT pros can easily monitor IIS Web server statistics as well as website and application pool performance.SolarWinds SAM features the new AppStack dashboard, which lets IT pros quickly troubleshoot application problems by providing insight into the application’s dependencies among servers, virtual servers and storage infrastructure – all from a single pane of glass – as well as the ability to correlate performance across multiple domains. With this dashboard, IT pros will be able to identify the source of application issues in seconds.
            • AppInsight for IIS lets IT pros automatically monitor SSL certificate expiration, website response time, page request server execution time, total connection attempts, current connections, network I/O, requests and more.
            • Instead of remotely accessing each Web server, IT pros can take advantage of management actions right from the Web console including restarting, stopping or un-managing application pools and websites.