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    Additional hardware for stacked engines?


      I thought I saw somewhere that when you add an additional engine to your main poller you should also increase the hardware platform.  Now I can't find that information, although it sounds logical.  How much burden does the additional engine put on the server?


      We use SAM heavily and are reaching the point where polling goes unknown and we start having lost jobs.  I have several hundred servers which are only being polled with NPM because the system cannot handle the application monitoring that needs to be applied to them and several hundred more servers I will be adding in the future.  We have purchased the additional polling engines and I have a plan to build a new server with two engines.  I just want to make sure I spec out the hardware appropriately because adding resources after the fact is a tedious process for us.


      Currently I have SAM, NPM, NCM, and SRM.  Soon I will have IPAM installed as well.

      My server has the following: it's a VM

      Memory 32GB

      CPU - 6

      HD - 100GB


      DB Server

      Memory 80GB

      CPU- 4

      HD - 140GB + 50GB additional share.


      Polling Engine statistics:

      Elements = 6484

      Network Node Elements = 628

      Volume Elements = 3107

      Interface Elements = 2749


      SAM Polling rate = 52% When this reaches 80% or above we experience resource failures and timeouts.

      Polling rate = 60%

      VM Hyper-V polling rate = 50%

      Total Job Weight = 4365


      Pollers = 24907


      thank you,