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    Where do/would you hang/put your SCP?

      1. Manager stresses importance of being certified at every meeting.


      2. Employee gets certified since the manager places such high value on it.


      3. Gets nothing for it.


      4. Hangs framed certificate it in the bathroom.


      5. Break glass in case out of toilet paper.




      no offense to the community, just morale at an all time low



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          Richard Phillips

          Certifications, just like any other accomplishment, may not have an immediate benefit. Unless you are at the end of your career then likely this will have a benefit in your personal performance and satisfaction with the added benefit of something on your resume. Believe it or not, there are places that hire staff just to run SolarWinds and this would put you ahead of the pack in terms of applying for one of those positions.


          I know the feeling of being underappreciated, but cheer up, this is likely not your last Gig!

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            I know some people that are all about having as many certifications as possible.

            In the end they are nothing but a paper tiger..no skills to back up the paper.

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              I've met a number of "paper" MCSE's who remained skill-less.



              And I've met many I.T. people who have seriously impressive abilities, and no certifications.


              If Management deems certification is useful and important, they should provide training and testing, or the funds to accomplish them.  And then they should pay their employees more, to ensure the newly-trained and certified people aren't hired away from the company for their competence.


              As for me, my SCP is framed and sits above my monitor where I can enjoy it, and where anyone visiting me can easily notice it if they choose.