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    Can NPM create a custom table for a view that displays APC UPS Runtime and sorts ascending?


      I'd like to replace my APC Struxureware application with NPM's snmp-discovered information about my APC UPS's.  One of the items of functionality that would allow me to do this is configuring NPM to display the top X UPS's by remaining Runtime in ascending order.


      StruxureWare does this via snmp.  Here's a screen shot of their view:





      I NPM can display the UPS Runtime remaining on any individual UPS,  along with a lot of other information that I don't want in the custom table:


      Can you help me build a custom table to enter into a window of a View that collects all APC UPS RunTimeRemaining numbers, sorts them ascending, and displays the Top X in the view?  Or that displays any UPS's which have < X minutes of RunTimeRemaining?


      Rick Schroeder