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    Adobe Flash updates working?


      Trying to download and publish the latest batch of Adobe Flash updates and getting this error:


      The file that was selected does not match the name in the package.


      I got this error for both the ActiveX (EXE) Upgrade and the Plugin (EXE) Upgrade.


      Others having this issue?

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          No, it just worked for me, published all 3

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            Yes, I get the same as you.


            It appears the newly released Adobe Flash Player version (Upgrade) packages have issues.  I was able to resolve the ActiveX one by renaming the .exe one to install_flash_player_ax.exe.


            The Plugin wants to be named install_flash_player.exe.  But even after changing the name the checksum appears to be incorrect.


            What I did to fix the plugin was to make a duplicate of a known good package for Adobe Flash Player X.X Plugin (Upgrade) then I had to edit the package and change the package location to point to where I put in on my desktop.  After that I modified the applicability Rules to make sure the version listed


            It's aggravating that we need to do this.  The point of our organization purchasing this product is to lessen the time spent creating these packages by hand and testing each one.  I have to do this at least quarterly and it's almost always Adobe Flash but have had to do this with Java as well in the past.

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              The Flash Player (ActiveX & Plugin exe's) have been updated with the correct file names. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.