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    Custom Poller - Table Results


      I am a bit confused. I have a MIB for a Accedian device. The MIB is huge. -> Free ACD-ALARM-MIB SNMP MIB Download - Free MIB Download - Search MIBs - OiDViEW


      If you look at the Alarm MIB and I set the OID of it makes me choose a table header which I choose acdAlarmCfgDesc.


      No big deal, but the results look like this.






      I want the full table with each column desc showing value in next column. if that makes sense.



      The MIB has a ton of tables so......

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          They don't do a great job of displaying this stuff in the default resource, but the way I handle this is to add in a UNDP monitor for each of the columns of the table that im interested in.  Ideally set them all to the same column for the label.  Then just hit edit on that UNDP table resource you screenshotted there and check the boxes for all the other columns in the table that you want to display.  If you are using Desc as the "Label" column then I wouldn't include it in my checkboxes since the label shows up regardless.

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              I am still a bit confused. has 8 columns, and I can add a poller for  - my issue is that  has hundreds of options. So are you saying I have to pick apart the MIB and configure UNDP for any results? Seems a bit silly, considering I would be making thousands of UNDPS for one device type.


              Thanks for the reply though it did clarify the labeling issue.

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                  Yeah, you basically are correct, you have to pick apart the MIB and set up a poller for each individual OID you want to poll.

                  I looked at the MIB for that 22420. section and there are a frustratingly large number of values in there, that's going to be a real pain to set up if you actually need all of those values checked. 


                  The UI for the UnDP tool is pretty problematic in cases like that where you need to set up pollers for lots of values, in the past when I have been irritated with the UI I just created a single poller from that table I needed, exported the .undp file and took it into notepad+ and made myself 20 copies where I just changed the polled OID then just bulk imported them all back in.  A total hassle but it got the job done hours faster than if I had been clicking through the UI doing them one by one. 


                  I made a feature request about it, but I wouldn't hold your breath on the UNDP tool getting any attention until Solarwinds decides to get rid of it and sticks it into the web console.

                  Simplify the process of adding multiple OID's or an entire table in the UnDP tool


                  -Marc Netterfield

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                      I totally agree with mesverrum.


                      I've voted up his request, and hope that more people do, too.


                      I also like his technique of adding one, export to text, edit, and re-import to save time. Sad that we have to do that.


                      I would add that we should all consider the potentially disastrous result on our databases if someone added a table that had thousands of entries. So I want the UnDP tool to give me the chance to trim it.


                      What's needed here is an SNMP IDE - something that understands MIBS, nesting, recursion, and data formats a bit better than the current wizard.