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    Download a config automatically, after a change


      I see how the Real Time Notification can be useful, but, what I really need is for NCM to kick off a download of a config right after it recognizes that there was a change.  How would I go about doing that? 

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          You have to configure syslog on the device to send a trap when the device configuration is changed, then create an alert based on that trap that initiates a configuration download. I believe this is documented in the admin guides, but I'm having a hard time finding that exact reference.


          You can start here, thought:

          Alerts for SolarWinds NCM actions - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support



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            Mark Roberts

            The basis for the real time change detection to trigger NCM to go and perform a download of a config is either Syslog or Traps, as deverts has indicated.


            The following provides guidance on this - Configure real time change detection


            Things to be aware of:


            1. Syslog is the preferred event message protocol
            2. Ensure you know the appropriate filter in the Syslog alert definition to use. The guide is written for Cisco, the filter does not apply to all devices/vendors, so generate a message and review it to identify
            3. You can use Orion alerting engine to look for other trigger mechanisms than that provided by the device generating an event and sending to Orion via Syslog or Trap
            4. You can use ANY trigger mechanism you have available, which could be another application other than Orion or a scheduled script. The use of the command line utility, passing the minimum of the device IP address is all that NCM requires (review the above link for more details).
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              Actually, I got the real time notifications set up, as per the instructions, and, even though the language doesn't really indicate this is going to happen, the text of the e-mail and the NCM repository both show that a download of the config happened, in response to the change.  So, we're golden.  Thanks to everyone who responded!