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    Dependencies and surpressing alerts


      Hi folks,

      I am completely baffled as how to ensure my surpression works correctly and I can continue to receive alerts from devices that are down!

      I have multiple sites with varying levels of complexity, using the tier model (custom property) as described in other posts I cannot apply this to our sites without thinking that some devices while being down will not alert becasue another device, although not the dependent may be down but which is at the same tier level as the dependent device which is down. i.e.

      site1 - wanrouter(tier1) - core switch(tier2) - edge switchX(tier3) - serverA(tier)4

      site1 - wanrouter(tier1) - core switch(tier2) - edge switchY(tier3) - serverB(tier)4

      so using the above example, I create an alert that states if anything equaling tier 4 goes down at site 1, surpress the alert if anything greater than tier 3 at site 1 is not equal to up.

      Now what could possibly happen here is that if serverB goes down, and edge switchX goes down, due to unrelated issues, the alert for serverB will be surpressed!

      How can I get round this issue? Any ideas?