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    Do the Thwack Store Shipping Graphics mean something?


      I haven't bought anything from the Thwack store in quite a while, and now that I've ordered the Thwack Table, I'm hoping to see some changes in the Shipping graphics for the order.  But nothing's happening yet.  I'm not sure if this is due to the actual item, or if the graphics don't upgrade status.


      I placed the order on March 10.  It's March 22 today.  Not too long, given the item & shipping are free.  But it IS for a birthday surprise gift at the end of the month.


      I did hear back from DanielleH that this item supposedly was removed from the Thwack Store, but apparently it was either put back into the store, or its removal wasn't confirmed.  She wanted to know if I still wanted it, and noted it was hard to assemble, but she and her husband had managed it (in three hours), and they enjoyed the table for gaming.


      I said Sure, I was up for ordering it.


      Now I don't know if it's on the way, or if it's in Limbo for a year, or what.  I see the white shipping truck in the top right corner of my account, and when I open the Thwack Store I see my order is submitted.



      Have you ordered anything and seen the Status change to Order Processing and then to Order Shipping?