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    Monitor filesize growth with alerts triggering when the file stops growing....


      Lately I've been managing our solarwinds installation and somehow became the "go to" person when comes to anything solarwinds in the office (not sure why, but i did) anyhow...


      A few days ago the manager from the systems administrators approach to me saying that he needed to monitor the growth of a single file on a server, and my inmediate response was, "let me check"; diligently I went, and got nothing, I return to the manager and now it has become an obligation... well the usual I thought.


      My situation is as follows, I have a file in a server that is in growing in size, consistently. and the request that I received was to monitor the growth of that filesize and in case the file fails to grow an alert must be triggered.


      I know is a long shot but, could you guys check your sleeves and shed some light into this?


      Thanks for your help


      So TL;DR I have to find a way to make this work, And so far I came up with nothing


      , SAM 6.3.0