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    Error While Adding Or Editing Node.


      Hey THWACK!


      A little while ago I ran into an issue when trying to add or edit any node and I have no idea what is causing it.


      Adding node error reads:

      Adding node error.PNG


      Editing Node error reads:

      Edit Node.PNG

      I cant to seem to find answers on Google or THWACK and not being super server savvy in not sure where to go beyond stopping and starting services.

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          Hi zayn3,


          There is a solution in thwack only, which may help you to find the solution. I have tried on your behalf . They have tried some scenarios and finally after contacting the Support, as per their suggestion, you need to tweak the settings and then issue will be resolved.


          Java Error


          The resolution: They worked with Solarwinds support and changing the maximum worker processes from 5 to 1 on the Solarwinds app pool resolved the issue.


          Good Luck