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    Need community help with alert central.




      I understand that I probably won't get any response from solarwinds as this is EOL and they have moved on. No problem. However, I hope to get a response from anyone else that is currently using alert central in their environment.


      I'm having an issue where we created an email for alert central but first out email is office 365 and secondly we use a single sign on system called okta. We had initially found that okta was causing issues so we fix the authentication part and even added exceptions to okta so that it works with solarwinds alert central.


      We try imap, it sees the server connects but fails authentication due to the fact that it's not passing the password to the server but rather leaving it blank even if I typed a password.


      Pop won't work as we don't have that service with microsoft.


      EWS works and when I use my work email address is works like a charm and can see my email box logs in and everything. but when I try the alert central account it fails.


      All other administrators are working with me and say they can't find a problem and everything looks good. I just need to know from anyone what could be possibly going on.



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          Really? What happened to Thwack support? Forcing technique to get us to move to opsgenine won't work.


          Response doesn't really need to come from SolarWinds. I know they won't response to EOL software questions.


          But I mean I'm sure there is a community of companies using this software. Can't anyone offer any suggestions?

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              I'm not sure many people monitor this forum anymore, as most of us had no choice but to ditch AC due to the unsupported nature of the product and it being in a critical role.


              Thinking back, I do seem to remember issues with connectivity between AC and O365, not sure if they were ever resolved, or promised as a "next version" (that never came) fix.


              Sorry I Cant give you any further pointers.