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    Additional C# Examples???


      Are there, or does anyone have some additional C# examples using the C# SWISClient off the SDK Github website?


      I'd love to see examples for each of the CRUD operations specific to Nodes (NPM).  How about when adding a  node, how do you also add custom properties?? Is it a separate operation(update) or can it all be done with one call?

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          I'll add "more C# examples" to the list, but in general we have the most samples for PowerShell. If you need help translating something from one of those scripts to C#, I can help.


          When adding a node, you need to set the custom properies using a separate Update call once you have the new node's Uri.

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              Unfortunately, my PowerShell skills are even weaker than my C#, lol... I'd appreciate it.


              my two main use cases are:


              Create a node, along with it's custom properties


              Update Existing Nodes/Custom properties.

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                  Steven Klassen

                  You should give PowerShell a try. It certainly smacks of C# given that it's .NET under the covers. And like tdanner said, there are dozens of examples. Ultimately the C# "client" is just a wrapper around REST calls. Nothing magical. At least with PowerShell the SDK can abstract the push/pull of data to the REST client with a little less fuss using the PSCX (PowerShell Extension Community) objects to return data to you.