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    On-call schedule


      Enhancement request - include a way to use an on-call schedule for contacts for alerts. 

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          You'll probably get some good progress and attention to your idea if you create this topic as a Feature Request.  Go up to the upper right area of your Thwack screen, click Create, and select Feature Request.


          Define your idea there as best you can, including how you'd leverage it to improve your life, or the conditions of your peers or customers.


          Folks will vote it up and comment on it there.  The more "plus" votes it receives, the more attention it can get from SolarWinds.

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            I'd like this to be a feature to as we move closer and closer to 24/7 business it would be great to be able to have alerts sent directly to the people who are on call, possibly link to outlook calendar or a custom in built calendar that could be edited as need

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              There is a tool that SW has called Alert Central that handles on-call resources such as the way you've mentioned it. It is a free download. I say that not because I recommend it- quite the opposite as it hasn't seen some much-needed attention in years and doesn't show any signs of that happening, plus the tool is very crash-happy and a pain to set up properly- but I believe that since that functionality is there, it is not going to be something they implement in the main products too soon. What I'd like to see is almost a "Custom Property for DB Instances" or something; I use CPs to define who is on call at the Node/Interface/Volume level as appropriate, and send the emails to those addresses/numbers, but I don't know of a way to do that at the DB-instance level, only at the Node level, so if you have a giant one-serves-all DB cluster where different DBs on the same server(s) have different on-call resources, you're kind of SOL on that one. Either way, I agree with the previously stated route of "Make a Feature Request and Pray"


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