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    Maybe this time -  Automate Config Downloader in v9

      Has anyone got the Cisco Config Backup VBscript to work as before the "upgrade" from V8 to V9?  Meaning that you could set the tftp root directory to what you needed, and not just the TFTPRoot as defined.  I know there was a lot of discussion about this a few months ago and we were lead to believe that this would take care of.If it is true that it has been taken of, then I am sorry for this and would someone post the link to the fix.  If not, do we just have to get over it and purchase the product that “now” provides this functionality, when there was free work around?

      And yes I have opened several tickets with “Support” and have never heard back from them even after supplying them with information they request.

      Please I would like to hear from others and that I am not crazy.