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    HPE Storevirtual support (a.k.a Lefthand / P4000)


      Hi guys,


      When can we expect an update for STM/SRM to support the current releases of Lefthand OS?


      I put a feature request through some time ago, but to be honest I don't see this as being a "feature", it should be part of the product as it is supposed to support HP(E) Storevirtual/Lefthand already.


      The Lefthand OS 12.5 release came out almost a year ago now that introduced split management/iSCSI networking and right now the lack of proper support for this is preventing me from monitoring our latest deployments. With split networks we cannot directly hit the VIP address. It can't be that hard to do if the HPE tool can still get the NSM info, and they aren't that flash at updating their software...


      Can someone please provide an update on this? I personally think the main focus for product development should be on existing vendor support for existing paying customers.



      Ben Loveday