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    NCM/Compliance- How to filter routers 'lower' than a Cisco 2951?


      Hey guys!


      I have some configuration I need to rollout. But only to routers that are 295x or higher.

      On some of our lower specced sites (Cisco 1941 for example) the config (ip inspect audit-trail vrf) increases CPU to a high level that affects forwarding speed.


      Is this possible, or is it a manual process of sorting NCM nodes by 'machine type' and applying the config by Cisco variant. (this could take hours in our environment)


      Also add this to the mix: I only need these commands on a router that has the config below applied (indicating its an internet router):

      ip access-list extended ThisACL


      So I need to use NCM or the compliance manager to help me select the nodes that:

      • 2950 or higher
      • Has ThisACL applied.


      Can this be done? I assume by some clever regex on the compliance rule to find the device type?

      Any ideas on the correct regex to use?