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    Release - Getting failure messages when updating ticket via e-mail


      Started testing upgrade with our configuration.  We have a 1-license test server that I use to run WHD through its paces before touching the production version.  I am getting a failure message when attempting to update the status of a ticket via e-mail (see below).  But the ticket does display as Open on the website (see attachment).  The incoming e-mail history log does not show the update request being received either.  I'm going to open a ticket with support, but curious if others are getting this similar error.  This is the same database that I installed the RC on.  Maybe that has something to do with the error?  This error also occurred during RC testing.


      Your request to techupdate Ticket 403 could not be processed because the ticket could not be located in the help desk database.
      <Odegard, Rick>
      Subject: Ticket:403 Action:TechUpdate Hidden:NO Status:Resolved EmailClient:YES Reassign: MinutesWorked: BillingRate:
      Date: Fri Nov 11 14:12:25 CST 2016