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    Is Oprah running Thwack this month???


      Everywhere I look there in an opportunity for more points and a few shirts!


      Byte Club  8GB pen drive!

      THWACK Monthly Mission- November 2016 3000 max points and cool prizes.

      NOVEMBER 2016 - IP CONFLICT RESOLUTION CONTEST 1500 max points and cool prizes.

      https://thwack.solarwinds.com/community/solarwinds-community/announcements/blog/2016/10/31/let-us-all-give-thanks-to-our… This ended November 11th.  Post and get 250 points....Yes, it was that easy!


      So you get points, and.. You get points, and....... YOU get POINTS!.......and a shirt, and a pen drive?


      Yea that's right, I am talking to you!




      What's in your points??


      You might wonder what I do with over 172,000 points...most go to the polo shirts.  I have used points to get seventeen Solarwinds Polo Shirts from the store.  From the CIO to the Helpdesk, most have the polo shirt and we wear it on Solar Wednesday's.